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I am trying, yet once again to get back on the blogging wagon. Now that I don't have mandatory readings, I hope to try and share my opinions on books.

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re-reading a favorite.

Reblogged from bookshores:
Howl's Moving Castle (Howl's Moving Castle, #1) - Diana Wynne Jones

I re-visited the charming lands of Ingary over the weekend, and was reminded of why I loved Howl's Moving Castle to begin with. 


"Magical" is a commonly overused descriptor, but really, the story-telling is so neat and original that I found myself wishing I  caved and purchased the two sequels during my brief journey into Barnes and Noble.


This book is responsible for helping cement my love for the genre. If you know of somebody who has tired of contemporary YA or MG fiction and would appreciate an enchanting introduction to the world of fantasy, look no further. It's accessible, lively, and brimming with engaging characters.


Go pick up a copy. Now.


I must admit that the characters in the book are quite witty, quirky and unique. It gives a completely different feel than the movie. Read it peeps! Read it!