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I am trying, yet once again to get back on the blogging wagon. Now that I don't have mandatory readings, I hope to try and share my opinions on books.

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Midweek update--because no Friday Reads

Hey my visible readers-- gosh 13 followers. I can't even believe it.


Well, I am writing in midweek as opposed to the end of the week, as this week there will be no #FridayReads :( .


Because, this Friday is my birthday!!!! I'm turning 23 years old-- say what?!


Anyways, I wanted to make sure to keep #FridayReads a regular habit and make sure I am accountable to whomever reads this blog.


As for books, I have been reading a book, but it is neither a themed read nor is it on my to be read list. I will keep its name under the wraps until I post my review on the series-- yes, it is a series. I just happened to learn about it and considering that I am a scatterbrain when it comes to reading. I have decided to focus on that.


Otherwise, I will be posting a review for Arise Magazine and New African Woman relatively soon, as a part of my themed reads series.


Alas, I have yet to watch The Silver Linings Playbook movie version; once again, I will hopefully have a review up soon.


Like the Francophones say: "Il y a du pain sur la planche." (meaning there is lots of work to be done).


That's it from me. xox, S.